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Diana Young and Peter Bruckmann along with their two daughters Kylie Franklin and Tara Wilton as well as Lindsay Smith and Christine Brandle market your property via this website, social media, subscribed email lists, personal contacts and other online booking systems such as, FlipKey, Trip Advisor, VRBO and Home Away.

What services do we provide?

  • Liaise with rental guests answering inquiries
  • Collect payments from guests
  • Provide all information to rental guests including access information, internet info, driving instructions, etc.
  • Schedule the cleaning to be done
  • Forward payment to property owner following the month the guest stayed.
  • Follow up with guests for review and to thank them for their stay

This full service allows you to obtain rentals with no effort or stress on your part.

Our goal is to maximize your rentals during the winter and summer months , so you get the best possible return on your investment at Silver Star. We accomplish this by working with Sparkling Mountain Services so that we can do same day turnarounds as well as by having the flexibility to offer guests an incentive to stay longer or arrive earlier than originally planned.

To get the detailed information about having Silver Star Stays on your team, please email Diana directly

What our clients have to say

We have been extremely pleased with Diana and Peter’s management of our condo at Silver Star. Before they took over management of our condo, we received just a couple of bookings a season during the busiest times on the mountain. Now, Diana and Peter have increased our bookings substantially throughout the season, and they have even obtained several off-season bookings for us. In addition, they have made very helpful suggestions on how we can improve the appeal of our condo to guests, and have often helped us facilitate those improvements. Most importantly, we simply enjoy working with them. They take the hassles out of owning the condo so that we can enjoy it more. 

-T. Conrad, Seattle, Washington

We purchased a Silver Star Condo last year and hired the services of Diana Young, owner of Silver Star Stays (SSS). Since we were new to this recreational rental business, we met with Diana to discuss how best to maximize rentals. We then hired her to actively market our property and to keep an eye on the condo as she lives right at Creekside at Silver Star, so this made it easy for her to check on things.

Living at Silver Star she is also able to accept last minute bookings and ensure everything is ready for the guests. We have been very pleased with the amount of rentals Diana obtained for us, not only during the busy winter months, but for the summer season. Their cleaning service has been handy to use when we are unable to attend to it ourselves. Their information package that is emailed to the guests covers everything that they need. We receive our rental payments via email in a very timely manner. We feel our condo is in good hands and would recommend Diana and her team.

-Margo Syme, Vernon, B.C.

We can’t say enough good things about Diana and Peter and the services they offer through Silver Star Stays. We were completely new to the ins and outs of the condo rental business but they provided the proper guidance and support we needed to make our holiday getaway a great success. They have exceeded our expectations for holiday bookings both in winter and summer and have managed to creatively work around our own holiday schedule. And, just as importantly, Diana always provides an immediate response to our questions and concerns while being fun to work with. Thanks so much!

-P Cadman, Saskatoon SK

We have used Silver Star Stays to rent our Creekside townhouse for the past two years. Since then, our ski and off season bookings have at least doubled. We find Diana & Peter very easy to deal with. We enjoy prompt communication, prompt payment  and they have offered helpful suggestions that have worked to increase our guest traffic. They have, in fact, exceeded our expectations in regards to bookings throughout the year. We are very pleased that we have contracted with Silver Star Stays and we would recommend their service to anyone who needs a reliable, trustworthy agency to manage their condo or townhouse at Silver Star.
                                                                            Maura & Jeff Whittaker, West Vancouver, BC

Your team has been great to work with too! Silver Star was completely hands off for us, which made it possible to keep for a few years while life was getting busy.

?                                                                                       C. Chapman, Creekside Condo Owner?